Common Accident Injuries

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Visalia Car Accident Attorney

Common Accident Injuries

Injuries have a way of halting life in ways you can’t always predict. Even after you’ve received treatment and healed, there are consequences of injuries that affect your job, social life, and mental well-being. When an accident prevents you from work or gives you constant pain or discomfort, it’s time to pursue legal action to recoup any losses. You have a right to financial compensation, and you need to act immediately to begin fighting for that right.

At Koch, Degn & Gomez we have a highly experienced team of personal injury attorneys who have recovered millions of dollars for our injured clients thanks to our unwavering advocacy. Our lead injury attorney, Thomas W. Degn, has earned a perfect 10.0 Superb rating from Avvo due to his relentless pursuit of fair compensation and justice for his clients. We have the experience, resources, and fire to secure the reparation and damages you deserve, so call us right away.

No matter your injuries, we stand ready to recover compensation for you, but a few of the most common we successfully fight are:

Neck Injuries
As the most common of car accident injuries, we have helped hundreds with neck injuries due to whiplash. Nearly all auto accidents result in some type of sudden jerk or swing of the vehicle, which whips your neck and strains muscles. This can damage the soft tissue of the neck and lead to long term pain and injury.

Facial Injury
Unfortunately many accidents leave injuries from the face coming in hard contact with steering wheels, the dashboard, airbags, the windshield, broken glass, and other items inside the vehicle. Facial injuries can range from cuts and scratches, to broken bones, scars, and dental issues. Surgery and dental work is sometimes needed.

Back Injuries
Whiplash can also cause significant problems for your back and spine. These issues are very serious, and sometimes even go unnoticed for days or weeks. Back injuries can take a long time to heal, and they affect the function of your entire body. We recommend that you see a doctor to check out your back and spine after an accident no matter what.

Head Injuries
Head injuries are obviously very serious. Concussions are common, and more serious injury known as Traumatic Brain Injury can occur in the event of a car accident. A scary thing about head injuries is that they can often go unreported but leave long term damage, and potential permanent disability.

Psychological Damage
 Alongside physical injury, there is also a substantial mental and emotional toll that comes with an accident. Fear, stress, and anxiety can rear up immediately or down the road. You may also be vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorder.

You do not need to suffer alone. Call our Visalia lawyers today to begin the process of fair compensation and insurance help. We can build your claim and ease your mind.

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