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Mr. Degn was a linguist and interrogator for the United States Army, speaking both Arabic and Spanish.
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Visalia Personal Injury Lawyers

Recover The Compensation You Are Entitled To

If you are the victim of an accident which was caused by another’s carelessness or negligence, life can be scary. Not only are you facing the fear that accompanies an accident, but also the injuries, financial toll, and actual years of consequences. At Koch, Degn & Gomez we have dedicated our legal practice to helping our clients through some of the most difficult challenges they will ever face.

Our personal injury attorneys not only specialize in aggressive legal representation, but they are also compassionate and honest in their dealings with clients and companies. They can help you file an effective claim for personal injury and insurance purposes, providing the tough advocacy you need to receive all the compensation which you deserve.

Attorney Thomas W. Degn can help clients with any personal injury case, including:


Millions of Dollars Recovered


Koch, Degn and Gomez has 40+ years of combined experience helping our clients file effective claims for accident compensation. We have see firsthand how life-changing and serious accidents can be. Dealing with the consequences and aftermath of an accident is always complicated, especially when it is the result of another person’s negligence. Overcoming all of the obstacles to receive your full, fair, and speedy compensation is an uphill battle, but one we are willing to fight.

Our goal is to get your maximum reimbursement for any and all damages that result from the accident:


  • Income – current and future
  • Pain, suffering, discomfort
  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Prescription costs
  • Wrongful death

Our Former Insurance Defense Lawyer

Unfortunately many who are involved in an accident or injury case try to handle the claims themselves, or turn to an inexperienced or passive firm. Koch, Degn & Gomez can offer you unparalleled experience, aggressive advocacy, and the extra effort needed to secure a resolution for your claim.


Our lead personal injury attorney, Thomas W. Degn, worked as an insurance defense attorney before founding our firm. He understands exactly how big insurance will use tactics to prevent paying out for your injury and insurance claims.

In addition to his background and years of practice, our firm also uses and entire team to provide you with the best representation, including:

  • Medical, legal, and vocational experts to testify on your behalf for your current and future medical needs, as well as the potential for ongoing developments and consequences of the injury you sustained
  • Experts specific to your injury to investigate the circumstances and consequences of your accident to prove negligence
  • Aggressive and tenacious advocacy from a 10.0 Superb rated attorney

Put Our Experience to Work


If you or someone you love has suffered a serious brain, spinal cord, or other injury at the hands of another’s negligent actions, you have the right to strong representation and fair compensation. You do not have to navigate the waters of personal injury claims alone!

Koch, Degn & Gomez LLP Attorneys are always ready to battle for their clients. In and out of court we will be your tough and compassionate advocates.

Call today to schedule a free case consultation to see what our experts can do for you.