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If you’re a driver in California, you already know how frequently accidents occur out there on the roads. There are a lot of licensed drivers in the state, and the roads can be crowded and dangerous. How can you keep yourself and your loved ones safe? Can you prevent these accidents? Today we’re sharing the 6 most common auto accident causes in the state and suggestions for preventing these accidents yourself.

  1. It shouldn’t surprise you that speed was a factor in about half of California accidents last year. When you speed you decrease your reaction time, increase the severity of injuries, and increase the risk of death – for you or others. Slow down out there.
  2. Improper Turn. These accidents aren’t always fatal or even serious, but they can be. Turning illegally puts multiple cars in a point of conflict, so these accidents are common.
  3. Thankfully DUI accidents are decreasing in recent years, but there are still a very high number of accidents caused by driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Use a designated driver, and keep an eye out for erratic drivers on the road.
  4. Whether it’s entering a freeway, merging for construction lane changes, or changing lanes, you need to be aware of other drivers in the lanes around you. Move to the left whenever possible to accommodate drivers entering the freeway.
  5. Often accidents are caused merely by drifting slightly into other lanes or off the road. You can hit other cars, trash cans, mailboxes, lightpoles, fences, or even people. Drifting can also lead to overcorrections which can cause serious accidents and rollovers.
  6. Yes, texting or talking on the phone is present on all of our roadways. We also see a lot of accidents caused by people eating, reaching for something, rubbernecking over accidents or scenery, and other forms of distraction. Makeup, food, and other distractions can wait until you reach your destination. Keep an eye out for distracted drivers on the road and give them a wide berth, or a quick honk to encourage focus.

Taking proper precautions to prevent accidents means careful driving, but also defensive driving. The extra effort it takes to drive slower and practice awareness of the entire road is effort well-given. You may prevent an auto accident for yourself or someone else. If you are involved in one of these common auto accidents in the state of California, be sure to take pictures and call for police assistance. If you find yourself in need of an accident attorney, call us. We can offer a free consultation and the persistent representation you need to get the full payout from insurance companies and responsible parties.