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Penalties For DUI

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Unfortunately, those facing arrest or conviction for DUI often don’t know what to expect, what their rights are, and the long term potential consequences. Because driving under the influences can jeopardize public safety, DUI penalties are very serious – even more so if you have previous DUI charges. Choosing just anyone for your defense is risky, because your future is at stake.

Koch, Degn & Gomez LLP Attorneys at Law can offer the dynamic and committed representation you need when facing criminal charges. Our team includes former district attorney investigators and former police officers, meaning a wide range of knowledge and experience that can defend your freedom and ensure that you receive fair treatment by the trial prosecution.

We Fight The Consequences Of DUI

Penalties for DUI can range considerably, even when no death or serious injury occurred. There is a ladder of severity, and punishments can become severe.

Penalties for DUI can include:

  • First DUI – Fines up to $390-1,000 and penalty assessments from $1,000-2,600
  • Second DUI – Fines up from $390-1,000 and penalty assessments up to $3,000
  • Third & Fourth DUI – Fines up to $5,000 and over $13,000 in assessments
  • 2 days to 6 months prison for first DUI, 10 days to 1 year for second DUI, and 120 days to 16 months for subsequent DUI offenses

There are other penalties that are common for DUI convictions, such as license suspension, revoked license, impounded vehicle, alcohol treatment programs, and community service. Things get even more serious if there was serious injury or death.

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