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Theft Crime Charges

Seasoned Visalia Criminal Defense Attorney

Purposely and illegally taking property which does not belong to you can get you arrested for theft and depending on the value of the property taken, you could face serious consequences if convicted. If you have been arrested, take the first step in protecting your future by retaining a skilled Visalia criminal defense lawyer from our firm and leave your defense to us.

With more than 40 years of combined legal experience to our names, Koch, Degn & Gomez LLP Attorneys at Law delivers the legal counsel you need after an arrest. Our team includes former police officers and district attorney investigators who have the training to fully examine your case and a former assistance D.A. who understands how the prosecution operates and can work to undermine their case against you. Trust our firm to work diligently in defending your future and your good name.

Types Of Theft Crimes

Theft crimes incorporates other offenses such as forgery, embezzlement, identity theft, and robbery. No matter what the details of your case, Koch, Degn & Gomez LLP Attorneys at Law can fight to defend you.

Several other offenses are related to theft in California including:

  • Falsifying information to sell items to a pawnbroker
  • Failing to return library materials
  • Fraudulently obtaining credit
  • Failing to return rented or leased property
  • Selling or otherwise unlawfully transferring a debit or credit card
  • Knowingly defrauding another of property
  • Using another’s financial information to obtain property or services

Theft offenses are classed according to the value of the property taken, as determined by the reasonable and fair market value of the property.

Where any property worth less than $950 is taken can be grounds for a petty theft charge, the least serious of theft offenses. Petty theft is punishable by up to six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. Entering a store intending to steal property worth less than $950 is known as shoplifting, a misdemeanor carrying up to one year in jail. Theft of property worth more than $950 is termed grand theft and can be punished by up to three years in prison.

Let Us Handle Your Arrest

You have a right to a defense that our Visalia criminal defense attorneys can argue on your behalf. If you believed in good faith that the property in question did belong to you or that you have in fact purchased it, it may be difficult to find you guilty of theft.

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