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There are few things cooler than cruising around on a motorcycle. The wind rushing by, amazing views, thrilling speeds, and a feeling of complete freedom… it’s pretty incredible. That’s why it’s the dream of many to own and drive a motorcycle. Some men and women save up and wait for years until they can finally purchase that perfect motorcycle and go on that first ride. But it’s important for everyone – motorcyclists, aspiring motorcycle owners, friends and family of motorcycle owners, and anyone who shares the road with a motorcyclist to be fully aware of the risks present when you climb astride a motorcycle.

The Risks of Riding a Motorcycle

Speed – It’s one of the reasons many people love motorcycles, but it’s also a major risk. Driving a fast motorcycle means that you have shortened response time. It means you see less and others see you less. It means that going too fast compromises your ability to negotiate turns and other obstacles in your path. It also increases the severity of any collisions.

Visibility – You’re simply smaller than basically everything else on the road. On a motorcycle you are harder to see. Add in weather conditions, darkness or tricky lighting, or lots of distractions on the road and you can be practically invisible. Even the best of drivers might have that split-second where you aren’t visible in their rearview or side mirrors, which can be a dangerous split-second.

Vulnerability – Unlike drivers or passengers in regular cars, you don’t have layers of metal and plastic between you and the rest of the world. In the event of a collision you are exposed to the road, your own motorcycle, other cars, barriers, and anything else which comes across your path. It’s vital that you wear a durable helmet and leather body protection whenever possible, because there is little else to protect your body from impact or harm.

Control – Motorcycles can be notoriously difficult to control in difficult weather conditions, particularly rain or otherwise slick roads. They can also very quickly lose control at high rates of speed or on twisty routes. You may not even realize threats to your control until you’re facing them.

This isn’t to say that motorcycles aren’t an amazing asset to your daily life or a dream worth realizing. It’s just vital that everyone understand the risks you’re facing when you straddle that bike. If you do find yourself facing the risks or aftermath of a motorcycle collision, call our firm for a free consultation about your case and condition. We can help you get safely back on that bike.