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Being arrested for a DUI – driving under the influence – is incredibly serious. The punishments vary from state to state, but they are generally severe. It’s because driving under the influence increases the chance of collision, injury, and death. Driving under the influence is so very dangerous so the legal repercussions are designed to reflect that.
If you have been arrested for a DUI, you are facing a huge range of consequences. You may be able to fight charges in court depending on your individual circumstances. The critical first step, whether you plan to challenge charges or not, is to understand exactly what a DUI conviction means for you.

Driver’s License Suspension
For nearly everyone, a DUI conviction means a suspension of driver’s license. The driver’s license may be taken at the point of arrest, after a sobriety test, or a refusal to perform a sobriety test. This could impact your ability to perform job functions, fulfill family obligations, and other issues.

Criminal Penalties
Jail time can be up to one year for first time offenders, and even longer for second and third time offenders. Any amount of jail time can disrupt life and plans.
Fines are usually required, and can be up to $6,000 depending on the severity of the charges. Like jail time, fines increase with subsequent convictions.

A DUI conviction will result in a criminal record. This means that future employers, landlords, schools, credit bureaus, and more will be able to see a DUI conviction on your record. Some states allow for expunction of charges, meaning that eventually the DUI will be removed from your record. It can take time and money, and it may not be possible for you. Therefore a DUI conviction could stand in the way of jobs, housing, credit, education, and more.

Most DUI convictions require some type of probation. Not only id probation a part of your daily life, but it also requires you to pay fees and fines. You may need to pay for remedial classes or programs, or for the fees of a probationary program. Probation can put limitations on day-to-day things and require changes in schedule for compliance.

What It Means for You
What a DUI conviction means for you can be a variety of different things depending on location, severity, history, age, and more. But what’s certain is that DUI conviction is a long road and an uphill battle. It will affect you for years in ways you can’t yet imagine or predict. If you are facing DUI charges, it’s time to call a DUI defense attorney to begin working on your case to fight or lessen DUI charges. We can help protect your future and avoid some of the more damaging results of a DUI conviction. Call today!