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A DUI arrest is a challenging event with far-reaching repercussions. It’s a very serious situation, and taking the appropriate steps is critical for determining what happens in your future. You could forfeit your freedom, face long-term consequences, find yourself in a mountain of debt, and even harm school and job prospects. How can you better respond to a DUI arrest to protect your future?

Important Steps to Take After a DUI Arrest

    • Right to Remain Silent. When you are arrested, officers should read you your Miranda rights, of which one is the right to remain silent. Stop talking, and don’t try to explain yourself. It can be difficult, especially if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but it’s important to keep your commentary to a minimum. Resist the urge to explain or argue, as it isn’t likely to help you.
    • Call a Lawyer. You absolutely need an attorney, no matter how innocent you think you may be. It’s vital that you retain legal counsel right away, because the sooner you hire an attorney the sooner your attorney can begin working on your case. Don’t just call the first name you find on google or in the yellow pages, instead you should do some research and even look for an attorney with DUI experience.
    • Clean Up. Take some time to clean up your presence. Make sure your social media and online presence doesn’t send a picture of a guilty or irresponsible person. Go to work, take care of fines or infractions, and do your best to follow the laws.
    • Find Corroboration. If you can find someone to defend you, reach out as soon as possible. If there are friends who were with you, talk to them about how the arrest went down. See if there is video footage, and write down every single detail of the arrest before you forget. Your attorney may be able to use these options to defend you.

If you are arrested for a DUI, it’s important for you to take careful steps to protect your future and create a good case for your defense. The very first thing to do is to use your right to remain silent, and then immediately call a defense attorney you can trust, like Koch, Degn & Gomez. We provide a free consultation to help you understand your options and how we can help you move forward with confidence.