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Facing drug possession charges is no laughing matter, and we often encounter clients who have made big mistakes in this difficult situation. Mistakes while you’re facing drug possession charges can mean the difference between walking free or years of time behind bars. Let us help you avoid some of the more serious mistakes and take care of your case.

What To Do When You Are Facing Drug Possession Charges

  • Be Serious. One of the most common mistakes we see is that the people who act as if the charges are just a suggestion, or that they’re certain of innocence. They may post incriminating evidence or continue with illicit activity because they aren’t taking the charges seriously. Even if you are innocent, it is critical that you clean up your act as much as possible following charges. Be sure that you are not intentionally or accidentally breaking the law in any way, as it could be used against you. Cleaning up your social media presence and dealing with any unresolved legal or financial issues can go a long way for a potential trial or plea.
  • Hire a REAL Attorney. Many people feel they can represent themselves, or that they’re innocent so representation isn’t necessary. It is critical that you hire an attorney to represent your interests in court, and not just the cheapest lawyer you can find. Find a lawyer with experience defending drug possession charges, regardless of the cost. You do not want to find yourself in court wishing you had a better lawyer, because a better lawyer can mean the difference between decreased charges and minimal consequences… and heavy charges with severe consequences. Do your research and begin with a free consultation to find out if one of our attorneys could be the right choice for you.
  • Consider Plea Bargaining. Entering a plea bargain can seem like you’re waving the white flag or giving up entirely. In reality it’s a way to minimize charges and consequences for your charges. An expert lawyer can help you negotiate a favorable plea deal and help you decide if it’s right for you. But you first need to be sure you have an experienced attorney and then be fully informed of your options.

If you find yourself facing drug possession charges, you need to act swiftly. By choosing an experienced attorney you can set yourself up for success and protect your future. Don’t assume that drug possession charges can be easily dismissed or that your innocence is guaranteed – drug possession charges are serious with many variables, and we want to help you successfully navigate the legal consequences. Give us a call for a free consultation right away.