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If you’ve found yourself in a position where you need a defense attorney, there are probably a lot of emotions and concerns in the situation. You may be worried about the charges and what they could mean for you and your family. You may be confused about what the future holds or how you found yourself in this situation. And sometimes you may simply be worried about what people may think of you, and exactly how much you need to tell them.

When we meet with potential clients, we often encounter people who are scared or unwilling to speak openly and truthfully with us. They may have concerns that they’ll be judged or turned in, or that somehow the information they share with us will leak. They may simply wish to keep back as much information as possible for their own privacy and comfort. As defense attorneys, of course we understand. But we are also prepared to do our very best to defend and protect your freedom, so we also need you to tell us pieces of critical information so we can deliver the best counsel.

What to Tell Your Defense Attorney

  • Your version of the story – what happened in relation to the alleged crime
  • Exactly how you were arrested – in detail. We often find mistakes in the arrest which can throw out the entire case.
  • Anything you said to police officers, detectives, or other attorneys
  • Your past criminal history – it may be used against you in court, so we need to know in order to defend against it.
  • Exculpatory evidence – if you have evidence or information that will prove your innocence we can use it to get your charges thrown out completely.
  • Incriminating information or evidence – we can find ways to disprove or fight against the prosecution if we know what we are up against.

Attorney-Client Privilege
Because of attorney-client privilege, you can completely trust your defense attorney. We are here to serve you and protect your freedom. Anything you tell your defense attorney is held confidential and will only be used to help you in court. It can be awkward at first to share details and concerns with your defense attorney, but we listen to every client with respect and a total lack of judgement. Our only goal is to help you defeat or lessen charges to live your best life.

Free Consultation
We offer a free legal consultation to simply review your case and offer some advice or strategy. We will listen without judgement and in total confidence. If you are facing criminal charges then turn to a defense attorney you can trust – Koch, Degn & Gomez for trustworthy and caring legal defense.