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One of the most common things we hear from our clients is that they didn’t realize they would need a defense attorney. They never thought they’d face criminal charges, or they thought everything was so minor or trivial. Surely they wouldn’t need to go so far as to hire a defense attorney! And then days, weeks, or even months down the road they end up in our office wishing they had started with a defense attorney in the first place.

The justice system can be complicated and confusing. How do you know if you need a defense attorney? When should you hire one? What can you expect them to do? How will your process shake out? If only for the questions and explanations, a defense attorney can be helpful when you’re facing an issue with the justice system.

You should consider hiring a defense attorney if:

  • You are charged with a crime
  • You think you may be charged with a crime
  • Police ask to speak with you at the station – even if you’re not under arrest
  • Police are treating you like a suspect or person of interest in a crime
  • You feel a gut instinct – trust it and call an attorney to be safe. You won’t regret it.

It’s not uncommon to find yourself in one of these situations, even if you are completely innocent. It’s so much better to proactively begin protecting your future, rather than waiting to realize you need a defense attorney after you’ve given testimony or investigations have begun. At Koch, Degn & Gomez you can begin with a free consultation call, which is helpful if you’re not ready to dive right into hiring a defense attorney. Begin there, and then you can decide the best course of action.

A defense attorney can begin immediately helping your case. First, a defense attorney can be present during questioning or investigations, helping a defendant protect themselves, their rights, and their future. As soon as you secure a defense attorney, your legal representation can begin working around the clock to find exculpatory evidence, investigate claims of the prosecution, research precedent, formulate pleas, and begin working with other experts in the legal system to offer you the best chance at freedom. Defense attorneys can immediately begin helping with feelings of fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, or confusion that often come with facing criminal charges.

If you think you may need legal help, call us. We’re ready to take your call or meet you to hear your story. Don’t wait – get legal representation to protect your future today.